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About WONM-University
WONM-University is the affiliate of WONM-UHM. WONM-UHM and IHNMA (International Holistic and Natural Medicine Association) established this university to foster excellent and medical experts for helping people in the world. WONM-UHM bears full validity and recognition with all governments and nations members of IPSP. It also was supported from UN- Hagus Convention from International Holistic and Natural Medicine Association. WONM-University(Asia) is constructed and supported by WONM-UHM, Warisan Management College (Registered College in National Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia), World Organization of Natural Medicine(WONM) and International Holistic and Natural Medicine(IHNMA). All students will get the license when students graduated. If students are excellent in their study in school, WONM-University will issue the certificate to them.
WONM-University has own physical school and it follows the national education standard to manage quality. All professors and employees have caring and are patient to students. All students will get best care in school. We also request our students should follow the objective- Peace, Caring and Health to help people in the world. All students have many opportunities to join international seminar, affair and event.
WONM-University is a welfare university. All students have to provide at least 30-hours/year public welfare activity after students graduated from university.

Our Chancellor- Dr. Sheila

Hon Dr Dame Sheila McKenzie, president of the World Organization of Natural Medicine and head the North American Grand Priory of the Humanitarian medical Order of Knight Hospitallers (HMOKH) within the North American Regional Directorate. Her Excellency will oversee the Orders activities of Canada,the United States and Mexico.

The Humanitarian Medical Order of Knight Hospitallers (HMOKH) is a humanitarian Order available primarily for humanitarian medics, rescue personnel and other humanitarian workers within our Blue Cross Corps, who have distinguished themselves in charitable humanitarian service at various Health4Humanity mission projects and clinics in poverty stricken and disaster regions of the world. The Humanitarian Medical Order of Knight Hospitallers has been established to return to the old chivalric Hospitallers missions originally carried out by the Knight Hospitallers, around 1023, to provide care for poor, sick or injured pilgrims. The medical Knights Hospitallers provided natural indigenous methods of treatment. In modern times the world’s poor face natural disasters and a shortage of medical care, the Knights Hospitallers of this Medical Order are returning natural indigenous care as a humanitarian medical practice to hospital missions around the world.

WONM-University an affiliate of WONM-University Federation is authorized for public welfare endeavors and to establish WONM public welfare clinics by authority of the WONM Humanitarian Clinics and Humanitarian medical Order of Knight Hospitallers (HMOKH). North American Grand Priory.

The International Blue Cross is an affiliate member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine. blog

WONM-University is accredited by: WONM-UHM, World Organization of Natural Medicine, WONM-University Group, BOIM, International Holistic and Natural Medicine, Bejing Institute of Welfare Medicine,...
Authorization Letter
IPSP AuthorizationThis document is an authorization from WONM-UHM.
Master program will start from May. 2010.
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Research program will start a bran wave study.
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WONM-University will have co-operation activity with Warisan Management College in Malaysia.
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